Rep. Gaetz Video is the Conservative Clean Energy Movement in a Nutshell

The office of U.S. Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) just released a stunning new YouTube video clip that—in just 92 seconds—pretty much manages to sum up the entirety of the conservative clean energy movement.

Concluding with the motto that “clean energy should not be a partisan issue,” the piece has short but powerful sound bites from fellow Republicans Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator Rob Portman, Senator Cory Gardner, Senator Lamar Alexander. There are also several memorable lines throughout from Representative Gaetz himself, who introduced the Green Real Deal resolution earlier this year.

Take a look for yourself:

Some highlights from the video:

“{We are} reaching out to states, to industries, to talk about their ideas of what we should be sculpting our energy policy to look like,” explains Senator Gardner of Colorado, “what we can do to truly fashion an energy policy that captures all of the incredible energy revolution in the United States, and how we can use that to the benefit of our economy, our environment, and our allies.”

“I propose a New Manhattan Project for clean energy. We can focus on carbon capture, natural gas, on advanced nuclear, on greener buildings, on more electric cars, on advanced computing,” declares Tennessee’s Senator Alexander.

Representative Gaetz perhaps says it best, however:

“If we make the right investments in our grid, then we will create an entire class of energy entrepreneurs all over the country, where people can put up solar cells, access hydropower, and then move that power back onto the grid so that renewable, cleaner energy can be democratized over wider swaths of the country.”

Republicans are developing real, free-market solutions for our country’s energy and environmental needs. This video says it all.

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